OkiPark Vol.38 Motobu Park in Haebaru Town

Motobu Park is located in southern Okinawa, in the town of Haebaru. This is not to be confused with Motobu Town located to the north. The park sits on a hill top and has a wonderful view of the surrounding area. The playground facilities on location suit kids of varying age levels, from toddlers to grade school students.

In the middle, you will notice a large green oval-shaped structure which is part of the main playground facility. This resembles an Okinawan pumpkin, sometime called a “shima” pumpkin or “island pumpkin”.

Haebaru Town is known for this type of vegetable produce. And that’s not all! Other parts of the playground facility resemble different kinds of vegetables. Healthy food means healthy playtime! It is no surprise then that the park is named the “Vegetable Kingdom Chinkuwa Land”. Chinkuwa meaning pumpkin in the Okinawan dialect!



19:12 14 Jul , 2024