Respect for The Aged Day

In Japan, there is a National Holiday to honor senior citizens that is called “Keirou-no-hi” in Japanese, meaning “Respect for The Aged Day” in English. It has been set for the third Monday of September since 2003, having been held on Sep. 15th before starting from its establishment in 1966.

The Respect for The Aged Day is literally a day to respect senior citizens, when the extended family gathers to the grandparents’ home for a celebratory party. Many service businesses conduct special campaigns for aged people, department stores have discount sale. karaoke clubs offer special discounts for the elderly, restaurants serve special meals, and so on.

Grandchildren often make message cards or special handmade gifts for their grandparents, and whole families often have a lunch or dinner together. If your grandparents are living here on Okinawa, you should pay them a visit on the day. And if they live back home, send them a message or call them on the special day. On the Respect for The Aged Day the seniors are the stars.

12:22 15 Apr , 2024