Why don’t you try a special éclair that looks like gorgeous jewelry!

It has been a long super-hot Okinawa summer and it looks like it will continue a while longer. So much so that it might make you feel exhausted.

Then why don’t you try a visit to the “L’éclair de usui” éclair specialty bakery in Minatogawa, Uraose City, and get some cool and sweet treats that look like jewelry? It will not only be most satisfying but will also cool you down and help you feel happy!

L’éclair de usui opened in January 2020, at the site that used to be a part of Camp Kinser. The shop is located very close to the current Kinser Gate #4.

Kagateru Takesumi, the owner of the bakery, has been working as a patissier for more than 20 years at some popular hotels in Okinawa and mainland Japan. His bakery suffered a great loss of service due to the COVID pandemic.

In his attempt to overcome the loss of business, Takesumi thought he should start a new project following such a chaotic situation.

He came up with a new idea that he is certain should make people happier, brighter, and more satisfied. He wants to make his delicacies tasty and easy to obtain and is sure that his idea will be a big hit and a hot topic for conversation.

As Takesumi was dreaming up his new idea, he decided that a fresh éclair with seasonal fresh fruits and colorful decoration, which looks like gorgeous jewelry, could be just the ticket!

Some of the fresh fruits on the éclair come from mainland Japan farms which Takesumi contracts with directly. He also sources some fresh fruits from his favorite local grocery stores.  He carefully chooses those fruits himself.

The bakery opens from 12:00 P.M. Takesumi begins his day of preparation at 4:00 A.M.  Everything that goes into producing his éclairs is made from fresh same-day ingredients. He doesn’t use anything that isn’t daily fresh.

He serves a limited number of éclairs.  His store opens with as many of the beautiful pastries as he can prepare in the morning.  When those are sold out, his bakery will close. So please visit the shop as soon as possible after they open.

You can check their SNS, which he updates every day, and you can make an order reservation by DM.  Takesumi says he accepts custom reservations up to 50 items with advance order. Up to 200 items can be available if you have a conversation with him about ingredients for the éclairs with a couple days’ notice in advance. It’s recommended that you eat an éclair by the next day. In the meantime, keep the éclair refrigerated.

The display of éclairs in the bakery is like a jewelry showcase. You can see and choose éclairs from not only in front but also from overview.

You will find syringes full of various flavored sauces that you can squirt onto or into a bite and compare how you like them. And, of course, you can enjoy them without the flavoring. You may also use the flavor-filled syringe to write your own name, or some other message on the pastry.

Some customers have asked him if some coffee or breakfast breads are available there? In response, Takesumi has begun to offer some specialty breads, and will soon add a coffee machine. Also, the shop serves very special Japanese wines. Both Japanese wines and Japanese sparkling wines in the shop are from the oldest winery in Japan.  Takesumi is thinking about serving a variety of cheeses too.

Takesumi says, ”A gift to someone or from someone makes both happy and feel a love for each other. I wish our éclairs can be the one. For your partner, your family, your colleague, for a special party and of course for yourself.”

Why don’t you try a special éclair that looks like gorgeous jewelry!

Gift cards are also available and you can send one to your relative if you want to let them  choose their favorite éclair.


L’éclair de usui

Address: Vent de Vent 1F  574-1 Minatogawa, Uraose city 901-2134

PIN: https://goo.gl/maps/ybWUQvqgDbdsqyoa9

Tel: 080-6481-7846 (Text message available)

Open: 12:00 – 19:00  (Shop will close when all sold out)

Closed on Monday and other irregular days

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/leclair_de_usui/   (@leclair_de_usui)

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/artisanusui

Twitter: https://twitter.com/usui_de (@usui_de)

Email: leclair.de.usui@gmail.com


11:40 23 Jun , 2024