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New duplex in Kadena Marina area!

New duplex in Kadena Marina area! [Kadena Area]

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  • Price : ¥750,000
  • Maker : HONDA
  • Year : 2013
  • Displacement : 660cc
  • Agent : Used Cars Koza
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Kabuto (Samurai Helmet) Shaped Spring Roll (Serving Size: 10)

  Ingredients   pack of Spring Roll skin (square pieces). Sliced cheese ( or any ingredients that you prefer) Food adhesive (Water + wheat flour) How to cook 1.Take one square piece of Spring Roll skin and make it into a triangle in such a way by folding it in half. 2.Place the triangle such that it is pointing down. Take the other two corners and fold them towards you down in such a way as to join with the one that points down. The end result is now a diamond shape with two triangle flaps ...Read More

OkiPark Vol.31 Kuina Eco Sports & Recreation Park

Kuina Eco Sports and Recreation Park is located inside the Hanji district in Ogimi Village. It is a very large sports park, and in the past, has hosted both professional athletes and teams, both from the mainland and abroad, to do their training. They boast two baseball fields, a soccer field, an athletic tra...Read More

20:37 24 May , 2018