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Rafute (Pork Belly) Serving Size 4

  Ingredients ・500g Pork Belly ・300cc Soup Stock ・100cc Awamori ・300cc Cooking liquid ・1 tbs Soy Sauce ・3 tbs Sugar   How to cook 1. Place the pork belly inside a pot and add water enough to soak the pork and then let cook. 2. After cooked, wait 10 minutes and then place the pork belly in a strainer and wash by water. 3. Then place the pork inside a pressure cooker, add water as necessary, and cook with middle to low heat for about 1 hour. Turn off the heat and wait till the pressure g...Read More

OkiPark Vol.38 Motobu Park in Haebaru Town

Motobu Park is located in southern Okinawa, in the town of Haebaru. This is not to be confused with Motobu Town located to the north. The park sits on a hill top and has a wonderful view of the surrounding area. The playground facilities on location suit kids of varying age levels, from toddlers to grade scho...Read More

23:53 19 Sep , 2018